Melissa E. Ko

STEM Educator. Cancer Biologist. Student Advocate.

My goal is to develop and implement effective teaching and mentoring, in order to make STEM fields both engaging and accessible to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

In my research, I use visualizations and other computational tools to analyze complex single-cell data. These approaches enable me and other biologists to investigate why cancer cells respond differently to drug treatment.

I recently took on a position as lecturer for the Thinking Matters Program at Stanford University. In this role, I will be teaching courses on cryptography, viruses, and cancer from a scientific, ethical, and societal standpoint.

See my CV for more details on my professional career.

Melissa E. Ko, Photo Credit: Stanford University VPUE Office

Lecturer, Thinking Matters Program
Stanford University
Email: mesako (@)
Stanford Profile: melissa-ko
LinkedIn: mesako
GitHub: mesako