Melissa E. Ko

STEM Educator. Data Analyst. Student Advocate.

My goal is to support equity in student learning, especially in STEM fields, whether that be through direct teaching/mentoring or supporting other educators and educational programs.

I am currently a full-time lecturer for the Thinking Matters Program at Stanford University. In this role, I teach courses on cryptography, viruses, human genomes, and cancer from a scientific, ethical, and societal standpoint.

In my research, I have used visualizations, modeling, and other computational tools to analyze complex single-cell data and social networks among college educators. These approaches enable me to derive and communicate key insights from otherwise hard-to-digest datasets. My skills have also been applied to programmatic needfinding and survey data in higher education settings.

I am currently looking to advance my career through a new role that is education-focused or education-adjacent whether that be a teaching, administrative, assessment, or curriculum/pedagogical development position.

This website is under construction as I update it for my next career transition! Please see my CV for current details on my professional career.

Melissa E. Ko, Photo Credit: Stanford University VPUE Office

Melissa E. Ko, PhD
Lecturer and Researcher
Thinking Matters Program
Stanford University
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Stanford Profile: melissa-ko
LinkedIn: mesako
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