Melissa E. Ko

STEM Educator. Data Analyst. Student Advocate.

My goal is to support equity in student learning, especially in STEM fields, whether that be through direct teaching/mentoring or supporting other educators and educational programs.

I am currently a Science and Engineering Education Fellow (SEEF) for the Bioengineering department at Stanford University. I most recently was a lecturer for Stanford’s Thinking Matters Program where I taught courses on cryptography, viruses, human genomes, and cancer from a scientific, ethical, and societal standpoint.

In my research, I have used visualizations, modeling, and other computational tools to analyze complex single-cell data and social networks among college educators. These approaches enable me to derive and communicate key insights from otherwise hard-to-digest datasets. My skills have also been applied to programmatic needfinding and survey data in higher education settings.

This website is under construction due to my recent career transition. Please see my current CV for more details.

Melissa E. Ko, Photo Credit: Stanford University VPUE Office

Melissa E. Ko, PhD
Science and Engineering Education Fellow
Bioengineering Department
Stanford University
Email: mesako (@)
Stanford Profile: melissa-ko
LinkedIn: mesako
GitHub: mesako